Thank you for your interest in the Columbus Sports Foundation. Our organization relies on contributions from the community to provide financial assistance, equipment, and facilities for sports activities throughout Columbus, Nebraska. Your support will help us reach our goals and open up numerous opportunities for those interested in sports in our community.

At this time, we are still working on becoming a 501(c)3 organization. Until this status is achieved, we are only accepting pledges. Once we are officially a 501(c)3 organization, we will reach out at the contact information you provide below to see if you are still interested or able to meet the pledge you submit, and accept your donation at that time.

Thanks again from the Columbus Sports Foundation!

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Please complete the fields below to tell us about the pledge you would like to make. While this is not a legally binding promise to pay, we hope that you will only use this form if you have a genuine interest in making a donation once we are fully set up to accept them.

We will reach out to the contact person above as soon as we are able to accept donations. We will not ask for any payment details other than the payment method you prefer to use for this donation.